Sometimes I can’t decide if Advent is loud or quiet. We wait. We light candles. The days shorten as the year’s longest night nears. But though we’re contemplative, we’re unsettled, too. We are restless. We read scripture passages that tell of floods and earthquakes. John the Baptist yells out, “You brood of vipers!” We long for Messiah, and with him, we long for a radically changed world.

These poems were inspired by many aspects of Advent: the visionary, the contemplative, the lost in the wilderness. Some of the poems are personal, some are political, some attempt the prophetic. They imagine the longed-for kingdom. I hope you’ll imagine with me.

Many thanks to Salem Lutheran Church and Pastor Liv Larson Andrews for initiating this project. Thanks also to Thom Caraway and Jeffrey Dodd, editors of Railtown Almanac, for publishing “The City Council Welcomes the Christ Child.”

The scripture references for each week come from the Revised Common Lectionary.

All poems are property of the author and may not be reprinted without permission.


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